​Why CBD?

Our Thoughts

CBD extract a miracle cure?

The latest “Miracle Drug”? According to recent favorable, credible research, natural cannabidiol extract has great potential for successfully helping treat and alleviate symptoms for a wide range of conditions.

It is well known in the Medical world that products new to the market, buoyed up by the enthusiasm of new believers, sometimes seem more effective than established remedies – the so-called ‘Placebo effect” – and some of the stunning results reported for CBD could in fact be just that.

On the other hand, it might be just the remedy you’ve hoped for.

Friends of ours – some in significant medical distress – have experienced real, long-lasting and meaningful benefit from its use. That’s the reason we added it to our catalog.


If you have an area of Medical concern, Google it to see if others have found CBD to be beneficial. Determine for yourself if cannabidiol extract is worth trying. Consult the medical studies and records referenced here to help you better understand the potential benefits of a pure CBD extract or, even better, go directly to the website of The National Institutes of Health. Its an agency of the US Department of Health & Human Services and full of reports about medical research in every field.

But to honestly evaluate whether CBD can help you with its possibly life-changing benefits, you must use a product of known, consistent and credible quality and potency. Our oils are grown and extracted in the state of Colorado and meet the highest American standards for quality. We have no doubt some who have tried CBD oil without experiencing a substantial benefit failed only because they used an inferior product.

You already know of our commitment to quality. This is no exception. We offer organic cannabidiol extract from quality sources.

1. Our CBD is 100% American made.

  • A great deal of what you’ll find available on the internet is from countries indifferent to American standards of quality and accurate labeling.

2. Lab tested at every step.​
3. From a producer known for quality and reliability.
4. Clinical strength for best result.