Why Colorado?

Since we’ve made coloradoCBD available

It has been very gratifying.  Daily we hear from people who have had a positive experience with CBD – it is touching and humbling to think you may have helped make a difference in another’s life.   So let me restate my suggestion. “If you have an area of concern, go online . . . see what others have found effective . . .”

There are dozens of websites offering CBD in a bewildering variety – yes even CBD lollipops.  Unfortunate and confusing.

Cannabidiol is not a novelty, it is a meaningful supplement to tens of thousands of people, but the confusion caused by regulators has created a free-for-all atmosphere with dozens and dozens of vendors offering a confusing variety of CBD laced products – yes, even lollipops!.

Let’s cut through the clutter:

Here is what you need to know:

  1. Buy American – other countries may or may not have high standards for their own citizens, but don’t assume they regulate what’s produced for export.
  2. Lab Report – You may not care to read this, but its absence is a red flag.
  3. Strength – the actual size of the bottle doesn’t matter- what matters is the total amount of CBD in the bottle – that’s what you’re paying for and It should be clearly stated on back of the label
  4. Avoid novelties – lollipops, confection flavorings*

Why call it “coloradoCBD”?  To emphasize that coloradoCBD is American grown (this is so important) and originated in Colorado, home to some of America’s most experienced producers of hemp derived products.  There is, without question, a long learning curve in how to grow, to harvest, and to extract the end product, and it takes years to isolate the most effective hemp strains.  Colorado growers were among the very first to produce a sustainable, high-quality CBD.  (Note:  In recent years, Oregon has also become a leader in the research and development of CBD and we have begun sourcing some of our product there)

* Personally, I don’t get vaping CBD.  The long-term effect of pulmonary absorption of Cannabidiol is a complete unknown.  Until recently, and still, in some places, smoking tobacco was thought to be beneficial.

Since it’s only an optional means of delivery why take the risk?

If you want it to take effect sooner, just keep up with your dosage schedule and use it sublingually, then quicker absorption won’t be needed.  If you want it stronger, simply increase your dosage.