CRITICAL CARE Extract 4000mg For Extreme Distress

CRITICAL CARE Extract 4000mg For Extreme Distress

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4000 strength – 67 milligrams of Ultra-broad Spectrum CBD in each dose.

Ultra-broad Spectrum CBD contains a wide range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial plant compounds, but with undetectable levels of THC. Here are some potential advantages of using Ultra-broad Spectrum CBD:

  1. Enhanced therapeutic effects: The presence of a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes may enhance the therapeutic effects of CBD. This is known as the “entourage effect,” which suggests that the combination of different plant compounds may work together to produce more potent and beneficial effects.
  2. Improved bioavailability: Ultra-broad Spectrum CBD products may have improved bioavailability compared to isolated CBD products. This is because the presence of other cannabinoids and terpenes may enhance the absorption and effectiveness of CBD in the body.
  3. No THC content: Unlike full Spectrum CBD products, which contain trace amounts of THC, Ultra-broad Spectrum CBD products are completely THC-free. This makes them a good option for people who are sensitive to THC or who are subject to drug testing.
  4. Potentially better suited for certain conditions: The presence of additional cannabinoids and terpenes may make Ultra-broad Spectrum CBD products better suited for certain conditions. For example, some terpenes have been found to have anti-inflammatory properties, while other cannabinoids may have analgesic or neuroprotective effects.

It’s important to note that while there are potential advantages to using CBD, research is still ongoing, and more studies are needed to fully understand the effects of different CBD extracts on the body. It’s also important to speak to a healthcare professional before modifying any existing treatment plan.

The result is an ultra-high strength, carefully-tested, quality, full-spectrum CBD for extreme distress.

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