CRITICAL CARE Extract 4000mg For Extreme Distress

CRITICAL CARE Extract 4000mg For Extreme Distress





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4000 strength – 67mg highest-quality CBD per dose. Full‑spectrum benefits.

Industrial hemp contains well over one hundred ‘cannabinoids’ – chemical constituents which singly or in combination produce all its remarkable results. The two most studied and understood of these are THC – “Tetrahydrocannabinol”, the psychoactive component producing the ‘pot-smoker’ high, and CBD – “Cannabidiol”, rapidly becoming famous for potentially reducing the symptoms of a number of serious medical conditions.

Strains of Industrial hemp have been developed over time to minimize the amount of THC plants contain to eliminate a possible ‘side-effect’ high, while maintaining a sufficient level of CBD to ensure maximum potential therapeutic effect.

The Federal Government has set a limit of 0.3% THC by weight as the absolute maximum amount of THC allowed to be present in any hemp-derived product.

But, practically speaking, as the concentration of CBD is increased in any given CBD product, the THC level unavoidably also increases, at the highest concentrations coming dangerously close to that 0.3% limit and also increasing the possibility of users experiencing that side-effect high.

To create coloradoCBD Critical Care, pure isolated CBD is added to a carefully tested base CBD product, raising only the level of the CBD, and no other components, thereby avoiding infringement of Federal regulations, while ensuring that users experience maximum possible effect.

The result is an ultra-high strength, carefully-tested, quality, full-spectrum CBD for extreme distress.

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