“End-to-end control”? What’s that about?? Why should I care?

We can’t compete head-to-head ​with the large national CBD producers.  They have big budgets, advertising agencies, salesmen with salesmen’s words.

But what we can do is create a top-notch ethical product, price it as low as possible, put it out there, and trust that those who know the difference will find and appreciate it.  Today, a very critical audience uses and recommends our product.

Extremely Important:

Here are some things to consider:

  1. The farm where our hemp is grown was created specifically to grow hemp.  Located away from usual farm areas, it has never been used for any agricultural purpose; the earth there has NEVER been exposed to a pesticide, airborne or otherwise.
  2. Our entire CBD extract is single-sourced – 100% of our extract is produced at this single farm.  MOST other CBD is multi-sourced – especially by the big guys.  (do read the footnote for more about this) Our hemp is grown from the BaOX seed, developed over the past decade by Ben Holmes, an industry pioneer.  In a recent field trial at NC State, BaOX was the top -performing seed.
  3. Our sole producer personally supervises every step from planting to extraction exclusively for us – this is end-to-end control
  4. The CBD is completely extracted – nothing is left out. Others call this “Whole-plant”, or “Full-spectrum”.  For us, this goes without saying.
  5. By the way, our grape-seed oil is also organic.  We use it because, across the board, it is generally the most easily tolerated by the largest number of people.  Most, if not all, the conversations about special carrier oils are blarney – more marketing hype – and add nothing to the efficacy of the CBD.

The point is once you find a credible source with end-to-end control, stay with them, whoever they are – it’s the only way you can be confident of the quality.