About Us / The Bottom Line

​About Us

We’ll keep this brief, but I think a little background might help:

My wife, Penny, had for many years been seriously hampered by extreme scoliosis with impingement on her sciatic nerve – some of you might understand the severe limitation that imposes on quality of life. We went the usual route – MRI’s, Epidurals, interviews with surgeons, etc – with little relief, learned about CBD, got some and tried it – after four days the pain was gone, and still, years later, has not returned. We decided to “get involved”.

After studying a number of possibilities, we partnered with one of the most highly respected producers in Colorado – far and away the US center for quality hemp-derived products – to make CBD exclusively for us and to our specifications.

We knew at the outset we couldn’t compete with the ‘big guys” fancy web-sites with costly videos of laughing children and rugged men riding horseback through cannabis groves, high profits paying for oversize advertising budgets, etc. but what we could do better was offer an honest, ethical product, with the belief that consumers sincerely looking for a better CBD would seek us out.

It was apparent that current offerings were, for the most part, under-powered, overpriced, and therapeutically feeble. It was extremely important to us that the end-user, our customer, be treated fairly and effectively. We wanted a high-strength, American-grown product at very fair price. Our products – extracts and lotions – are highest possible quality. We’ve avoided supposedly “special” carriers and gimmicky delivery systems (lollipops, candies, etc.) deliberately positioning ourselves to be able to stand proudly on a pharmacy shelf, both in contents and in package design.

The Bottom Line

Let’s face it, this is about your health, your well-being, and that makes you vulnerable to bad advice.  Cut through all the fancy words:  The basics are both simple and essential:

  1. If its not on the label, don’t believe it.  That’s the only place a producer can get in serious trouble for misrepresenting the product.
  2. If an easy to understand, current laboratory report from an industry-approved independent lab is not available, do not buy it.  Don’t let flowing copy-writing and pleasing graphics fool you.  “Lab tested at every step” is just words unless its documented.  Make them prove it.
  3. If it does not clearly say “made in America” on the labeldon’t buy it.  Many foreign countries – not all, but many – are indifferent to the quality of their exports. There is no justifiable reason, other than a very low price, for a producer to acquire CBD outside the United States.   A great deal of the CBD available in this country is produced offshore – China, India, the Ukraine – and some of the biggest offenders have those fancy websites.
  4. Be sure it’s strong enough to be able to make an honest evaluation.  It is not possible to calculate the actual CBD content of products sold as “Hemp Oil’ without a lab report, but the industry rule of thumb estimates a typical “hemp oil” contains only 10 to 15% of actual CBD, so a “500mg Hemp Oil extract” that seems like such a great value might have only 50 or 75 mg of actual CBD, possibly less.
  5. Keep it simple:  Avoid claims of unique combinations of carrier oils or special glass bottles or such. They will not improve CBD’s effectiveness.  CBD is a wonder of nature, so just buy the best and let Nature do its work.  Our products  – extracts and lotions – are highest possible quality.  We’ve kept it uncomplicated.  So should you.

If you ever have a question, just pick up the phone and call us. None of this “all our operators are busy … ” You might even get Penny.

We wish you well.